Zimek's Best Practices Micro-Mist® Technology

The rapid decontamination systems manufactured by Zimek® automatically disperse disinfectants and sanitizers utilizing Zimek's revolutionary Micro-Mist® applications. Ultra Low Volume Micro-Mist® Applications have been approved by the United States Environmental Protection Agency on January 28, 2014. Read EPA-Approved Label

Zimek's Ultra-Low Volume Micro-Mist® Applications

Zimek's Micro-Mist® Generators automatically apply disinfectants to entire rooms, vehicles, and other enclosed environments by utilizing Zimek’s Micro-Mist® technology, a highly effective three-dimensional micro-droplet disinfectant dispersion application. There are three application cycles when performing Zimek's Touch-Less™ Micro-Mist® disinfectant applications, as follows:


Ultra-Low Volume Mist of Preferred EPA-Registered Disinfectant Solutions

Zimek's preferred disinfectants can be applied as Zimek's ultra-low volume Micro-Mist® application or high-volume liquid disinfectant spray application to disinfect hard non-porous surfaces as an adjunct to regular cleaning and disinfecting. Zimek's Micro-Mist® applications are automatic and no operator is required during the automatic dispersion of the Micro-Mist®. See Products

Zimek's preferred disinfectant is a broad spectrum antimicrobial that eradicates a wide variety of bacteria, yeasts, viruses, fungi, spores, mold, mildews, and other microbes. Zimek's preferred disinfectant was rated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency with a Class 4 toxicity rating:

Rapid Decontamination Applications are Maximized Through the Use of Zimek's Z-vac® Micro-Particle Evacuator (Rapid Reoccupation of Treated Environments)

Zimek's Z-vac® Micro-Particle Evacuator (Z-vac®) has been engineered to function in conjunction with Zimek's Micro-Mist® Generator to permit rapid reoccupation of a room or a vehicle. The Z-vac® has the capacity to remove airborne environmental contaminants (and other undesirable, inanimate airborne matter smaller than one micron in size) and aids in the rapid adhesion of Micro-Mist® droplets to all surfaces contained within the treated space which are exposed to free airflow. See Products

Elimination of Human Error and Disinfection Neglect

Zimek's Touch-Free™ Rapid Decontamination Systems automatically apply EPA-registered disinfectants or sanitizers to any enclosed environment without human intervention during the Micro-Mist® application and Z-vac® air filtration process. Micro-Mist® reaches virtually every surface exposed to free airflow, thereby applying disinfectants and sanitizers to hard-to-reach areas that even the most dutiful cleaning and maintenance custodians can miss. This represents a longer exposure period than the directive prescribed on the labels of EPA-registered disinfectants and sanitizers. See Disinfection Deception

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