About Zimek® - Best Practices Rapid Decontamination®

Zimek specializes in manufacturing, promoting, and distributing Zimek Systems: ROC (Healthcare, EMS, and Industrial) Micro-Mist® Generators, Z-vac® Micro-Particle Evacuator, Zimek's Vehicle Adapter and Applicators.

On January 28, 2014, the EPA certified that the Vital Oxide disinfectant "delivered by a Zimek Micro-Mist® Generator will disinfect pre-cleaned hard non-porous surfaces" that are exposed to free air flow. No other automatic rapid disinfection misting technology has ever achieved this certification.

Zimek invented the ROC Rapid Decontamination Systems which are engineered to apply only EPA-registered and Zimek-approved disinfectants to enclosed spaces utilizing Zimek's ultra-low volume ("ULV") patented 360 degree touchless micro-droplet disinfectant dispersion application called Micro-Mist®

Micro-Mist® has undergone rigorous testing since 2006, including numerous comprehensive infectious pathogen kill rate laboratory studies consistently proving that Micro-Mist®, composed of the Vital Oxide EPA-registered disinfectant, achieves "disinfection efficacy" when used as instructed. That means an efficacy kill rate of at least 99.999%, automatically, with no operator involvement during the application of Micro-Mist®.

And most importantly, this is achieved with an EPA rated MINIMUM TOXICITY disinfectant requiring no warnings during use, versus EPA-rated MAXIMUM TOXICITY disinfectants such as bleach and hydrogen peroxide (liquid or vapor) which require DANGER warnings during use, and which can severely damage and corrode non-porous surfaces and bleach porous surfaces in the treated space.

The EPA further acknowledged that the use of Zimek's Z-vac® air filtration "Micro-Particle Evacuator" allows for a "dry-to-dry" Micro-Mist® application allowing for immediate reoccupation of a treated space. This eliminates room turnover issues which can lead to bed stacking in the healthcare services market. 

For more information, see the EPA approved Vital Oxide Supplemental Bulletin for ULV Mist Application with the Zimek Micro-Mist® Application System dated January 28, 2014

Zimek provides an automatic rapid decontamination of rooms, vehicles, or other enclosed environments such as hospital patient rooms, intensive care units, patient isolation rooms, emergency rooms, holding cells, firehouses, fire rescue units, ambulance or EMS vehicles, Medivac helicopters, law enforcement and corrections vehicles, public transportation vehicles, and many more. 

Zimek Systems have been used by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the U.S. Department of Defense, the U.S. Departmentof Veterans Affairs, hospitals and health care facilities, fire and EMS departments, public health agencies, public transportation authorities, law enforcement agencies and corrections facilities, and theme parks (Disney World).

In an era when time is money, Zimek Systems provide the only practical proven approach to achieve efficient and effective rapid decontamination. Zimek's Micro-Mist® Systems are considered "best practices" in establishing the new standard of care for surface decontamination and air quality.

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