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Zimek’s Touch-Free™ Rapid Decontamination Systems are being used by hospitals, laboratories, government agencies, public health agencies, public transportation authorities, fire departments, ambulance companies, correctional facilities, and several other public and private sector markets.

"The Zimek System is easy to use and well accepted by the staff. Using the System as part of a comprehensive MRSA infection reduction program, we have seen a reduction in HAI with MRSA from 1.0/1,000 patient days in the third quarter 2008... to 0.4/1,000 patient days for the fourth quarter 2010. The Zimek System was used at our LTACH [Long-Term Acute Care Hospital] in November 2009 during an Acinetobacter infection outbreak. This facility has not seen this pathogen causing an infection, or found it in the environment for over a year."

"As pathogens become more resistant to antibiotics, environmental cleaning and disinfection become more important than ever. Patient safety and financial reimbursement changes require new approaches to infection prevention, and at Carson Tahoe Regional Medical Center, the Zimek System is a big part. Our experience with the Zimek System has been fantastic, and I appreciate the opportunity to share our program's success."

Doris Dimmitt, SM, CIC, MPH
Carson Tahoe Regional Healthcare


"I want to take a moment to thank you for the yeomen service you provided to our hospital. Your immediate response to the incident that occurred in our operating room is greatly appreciated. The Zimek System performed effectively and efficiently. Your quick response to our emergency gave us the ability to completely disinfect the operating room and return it to service in a timely manner."

Department Supervisor
The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia


"I'm confident (as I always have been) that the Zimek system is the solution to the sub-standard decontamination techniques that have plagued our industry for decades. The pre-hospital field and first responders can now breathe easier knowing that there is truly something available to them that can eliminate the unseen killers that we have been carrying around with us every day in our rigs."

Fire Chief Matt McGrew
Winter Garden Fire Rescue Department


"The Zimek System would be crucial in a pandemic where the ambulance would be used to transport a great number of patients who were gravely ill. The vehicle could be decontaminated quickly and thoroughly between runs."

Fire Chief Kenneth MacLean
Sudbury Massachusetts Fire Department

"We can’t even begin to express our gratitude for your assistance in the remediation of our mold problem at Colonie EMS Station #4. You and your staff spent a whole day treating the building and HVAC system. After some testing conducted by our staff, they could find no detectable mold growth in the areas of the building treated. The time and services that you provided were invaluable in helping us deal with this problem and giving our staff some peace of mind."

EMS Chief
Town of Colonie EMS Department

"During the past three years, over 87 million Lynx patrons have ridden buses treated by Zimek's rapid decontamination technology. Zimek's patented automatic ulta low-volume Micro-Mist disinfectant applications are administered regularly by Lynx's environmental services technicians to disinfect hard non-porous surfaces as an adjunct to manual cleaning and disinfecting. The use of Zimek's technology and products has become an indispensable part of our mission to help reduce infectious environmental contaminants from harming our patrons and employees." Read More

William E. Zielonka
Central Florida Regional Transportation Authority (LYNX)


"The Zimek System helps us to implement best practices rapid decontamination in our vehicles and facilities to enhance our ability to protect our staff, their families, and those in our jail facilities from many of the harmful infectious viruses, bacteria, and fungi we in law enforcement are exposed to on a daily basis. Every law enforcement agency should adopt Zimek's automatic rapid decontamination technology to help battle against the ever-increasing exposure to infectious diseases we face as public health first responders."

Sheriff Michael J. Bouchard
Oakland County Sheriff's Office


"In July of 2007 the Sheriff’s Department of Kankakee County, Illinois, purchased a Zimek System and we began using it in our jail inmate areas. The System can be set up and operated by anyone with minimal training. The System has met all of our expectations and works as advertised. I would strongly recommend working with Zimek to anyone who is interested in purchasing an effective decontamination system for their facility."

Maintenance Director
Kankakee County Sheriff’s Department


"The Zimek System helps us to implement best practices with regards to decontamination within our facility and/or transport vehicles. The Zimek System enhances our ability to protect our staff, inmate population as well as all visitors within our prison from many of the harmful infectious microbes (bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites) to which we in law enforcement agency should adopt Zimek's automatic rapid decontamination technology to help battle against the ever-increasing potential exposure to infectious diseases that are an unfortunate reality in the field of corrections."

Captain E. Farina
Chester County Prison

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